Jose The Assistant Teases Andrade El Idolo’s AEW Exit

Jose The Assistant Teases Andrade El Idolo's AEW Exit

Andrade El Idolo’s career will be on the line on the October 7 edition of “AEW Rampage.” The luchador will take on the Dark Order’s Preston “10” Vance in a career vs. mask match on the show, but will the outcome lead to Andrade’s departure from the company?

The AEW star has been all over social media seemingly begging for his freedom lately, but it’s unknown if he’s genuinely unhappy in AEW or trolling the wrestling community as part of a storyline. Regardless of where the wrestler’s future lies, Jose the Assistant has his back, but a recent social media post from Andrade’s manager further teased his client’s exit from the promotion.

“You are one of the best in-ring competitors, I learned a great amount working alongside you. You brought me to #AEW and I stand by your side in whatever choice you make next,” Jose wrote on Twitter. “Thank you for everything Manuel Andrade.”

While all the signs point toward this being a work, Andrade has created a lot of speculation about his future in recent times. A few days ago, he took to social media and struck Triple H’s signature pose, suggesting that he wanted WWE’s Chief Content Officer to contact him.

Prior to the latest developments, both he and Jose the Assistant shared hourglass images on social media, hinting that they were potentially working on a storyline involving Andrade’s time running out. However, the future of Andrade in AEW should become much clearer after the upcoming episode of “Rampage.”

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