Angelina Jolie’s Court Filing Claims Brad Pitt Abuse Toward Her & Kids – SheKnows

Angelina Jolie's Court Filing Claims Brad Pitt Abuse Toward Her & Kids - SheKnows

It’s hard to believe that six years after Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s split, their divorce is still playing out in court. While they have been officially declared single, their child custody case and the battle over their French winery, Chateau Miraval, continue to plague them. The latest details emerging from their battle give fans an insider view of how horrific the 2016 plane ride that led to their split actually was.

Jolie filed a cross-complaint on Tuesday against her ex as a part of their winery case with her lawyers alleging that Pitt asked her to sign “a nondisclosure agreement that would have contractually prohibited her from speaking outside of court about Pitt’s physical and emotional abuse of her and their children” before he would agree to buy her shares of the vineyard, according to documents obtained by The New York Times. While that seems unfair, it’s the new information that she released with this filing that is absolutely jaw-dropping and horrific.

While the details about Pitt pouring beer on Jolie emerged as a part of her case against the FBI, it’s the additional parts that add more context to the scary altercation. The 47-year-old mother of six claims that “Pitt choked one of the children and struck another in the face” and also “grabbed Jolie by the head and shook her.” This is the first time it has been publicly revealed that Pitt may have struck one or more of their children on that plane in 2016. While the FBI agent on the case recommended that charges be filed against Pitt for domestic violence, it was the Criminal Division of the US Attorney’s Office in Los Angeles who declined to pursue the case.

Jolie eventually sold her shares of Chateau Miraval to a Russian oligarch, which did not please Pitt very much. That’s why they are in this legal battle and both sides are using every tactic they have to win the case. The disagreement may be about business, but it’s the personal details that are showing the marriage was not as glamorous as their red-carpet status led fans to believe.

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