He can’t be in command of the game

He can't be in command of the game

Here’s hoping we can be chuffed that the Packers have a dog’s bollocks of a game on Sunday! I’ll be pretty cheezed off if they play like a bunch of legless wazzocks.

And once again we’re off, so we might as well get going.

Neil from Tunbridge Wells, UK

Do you guys fly with the team or do you get your own aircraft?

I didn’t see an Insider Inbox charter on the itinerary so I think we’re on the team one.

Jeff from Indian Lake, NY

If we can contain Saquon I really like our chances against this Giants passing attack. I’d feel even better if Adrian Amos and Jaire Alexander return to action. I’ve never been to England, always wanted to see and experience Stonehenge, though. I would imagine you and Wes won’t have time to go see it, bummer.

There won’t be much time for sightseeing, but we’re hoping to catch a couple spots here and there. As for containing Barkley, that is absolutely the key to this game defensively for the Packers. It won’t take a shutdown performance to beat the Giants, but he can’t be in command of the game and controlling the tempo.

Insiders, Saquon Barkley looks like a big game-plan problem. Would the answer be a dose of Jones and Dillon and control the TOP? This is looking like it will be a battle in the trenches for sure.

The best way to limit a star running back’s impact is by building a big lead. Barring that, whether each team gets seven possessions or 12, the Packers are going to be dealing with Barkley all day.

In what ways are the Giants a more improved team from last year? Where are they weaker?

In addition to a healthy Barkley and more experienced young QB, they’re second in the league in third-down defense, right behind the Packers at No. 1. They had four wins last year and already have three, so your second question seems irrelevant.

Hey there! We all know that Packers fans occupy every nook and cranny of the world and a bunch of green and gold is always visible on international broadcasts. Will the long-anticipated arrival of America’s (actual) Team in London be perhaps as much of, if not more of, a home game for the Pack? I’m sure lots of European fans have been champing at the bit to chant, “Go Pack Go!” and see a Tottenham Leap!

I’ll just say I don’t anticipate the Giants enjoying the makeup of Sunday’s crowd.

Mike and Wes, as it relates to the run defense how easy or difficult is it for a rookie defensive lineman to learn the scheme? How have the snaps been distributed among the D-line? Interested to see how many Devonte Wyatt snaps is getting and his impact on the game.

It’s not as much about the scheme up front for young D-linemen, it’s about learning and honing the techniques it takes to be successful in the trenches at this level. It’s a tough business in there, and when technique catches up to a player’s traits, then you start to see the impact. Wyatt is playing a handful of snaps a game, mostly in pass-rushing situations.

Jake from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Good afternoon gentlemen. It seems odd to me that the Packers’ defense has given up the highest completion percentage in the league after four games. What, in your opinion, goes into that? Is it simply that DC Barry is willing to keep passes short and in front of them? Keeping in mind also that they are third in total yards allowed and tied for third in passing TDs allowed.

Barry is trying to keep two safeties back as much as possible, which LaFleur alluded to as a tactic that may need adjusting to contain the run better. That approach discourages opposing offenses from taking a lot of downfield shots, which are completed at lower percentages.

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