Andor Indiana Jones Easter Egg: Luthan Rael Sankara Stones

Andor Indiana Jones Easter Egg: Luthan Rael Sankara Stones

luthen and bix walking

Luther has some very cool trinkets in his home.
Image: lucasfilm

Storywise, Andor may be avoiding the reference-heavy tropes of other Star Wars Disney+ shows but there’s still plenty going on for eagle-eyed fans to analyze. Last week, it was the Rakatan invaders; this week, in “The Ax Forgets,” we learned that one of the characters owns something very near and dear to fans of another popular franchise. But, unless you were looking for it, there’s a chance you missed it.

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The moment in question comes toward the end of the episode when Luthen (Stellan Skarsgård) is visited by his concierge, Kleya (Elizabeth Dulau). They’re discussing the heist that will go down tomorrow on Aldhani and, on the back right shelf of Luthen’s room, you see two dark, oval-shaped stones with three marks on each one.

luthen with stuff on a shelf behind him.

Top right shelf: Indiana Jones relics.
screenshot: Disney+

These, as most of you already know, are the Sankara Stones from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. They’re the stones Indy must liberate from the Thuggee cult which, when combined, light up and bring life or death to their owners. Which, no, does not necessarily mean Indiana Jones exists in the Star Wars universe (or will exist eventually, because remember, this is a long time ago); almost certainly, putting them with Luther on Coruscant is just a little wink to fans of the IndianaJones franchise. A franchise that, like Star Wars, is controlled by Lucasfilm. Luther is a collector and dealer of rare antiquities, kind of like a Star Wars version of Indiana Jones, so putting them with him on Andor just works.

It also continue a long tradition of Indy and Star Wars crossing over. Did you know R2-D2 is on the Lost Ark? That the club in Temple of Doom is Club Obi-Wan? There are more too. So this is just Star Wars keeping the tradition going.

But if we want to get super nerdy, you can attempt to break down the significance of Luther having not just the stones, but two stones. In Temple of Doom we learn there are five total stones, three of which we see in the movie. The other two are presumed lost. So, are Luther’s stones the two lost stones? Or, in putting two stones together without a third, are the filmmakers giving us a visual representation of the struggle in Luther’s life? That he’s still looking for the final piece of the puzzle? This is the kind of nerdy shit that we live for.

Of course, the stones aren’t the only noteworthy things on Luther’s shelf. He’s got both a Jedi and Sith Holocron too, though those are larger than most that we’ve seen in Star Wars so maybe they’re just replicas? And, in the last episode, we saw that he has a ton of stuff—such as the Starkiller armor—in the front. Maybe one day we’ll get a breakdown of all the treasures he’s accumulated over the years.

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