Why Jennifer Beals Was ‘Hesitant’ to Star in ‘Flashdance’

Why Jennifer Beals Was 'Hesitant' to Star in 'Flashdance'

Jennifer Beals revealed that she wasn’t so sure she would star in what ended up being her breakout film, flash dance.

Speaking with jimmy fallon on the special ’80s version of The Tonight Showwhich originally aired on Oct. 5, Beals told the host that after she was offered the part, she didn’t know if she wanted to take it.

According to the actress, she needed a moment to weigh her options. At the time, Beals was also offered the opportunity to study at Yale, so it was not an easy decision.

She recounted the day she received the news, explaining, “Once I got to school, my agent called the dean, I think, because I didn’t have a phone and got me the message saying, you know, that, ‘you got the part.'”


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