Jennifer Coolidge Has Machine Gun In ‘Shotgun Wedding’ Trailer: VIDEO

Jennifer Coolidge Has Machine Gun In 'Shotgun Wedding' Trailer: VIDEO

A trailer for a new action/comedy flick showing Jennifer Coolidge toting a machine gun has the internet clamoring for more.

The aptly named Amazon Prime film Shotgun Wedding stars Jennifer Lopez and Josh Duhamel–whose characters Darcy and Tom prepare to get hitched at their destination wedding. Just as they get cold feet, the whole wedding party including guests are held hostage by a group of very unfriendly wedding crashers.

Lopez is known for starring in rom-coms typically centered around her being a bride like in Marry Me and Monster-In-Law, but this one takes a sharp turn halfway through the trailer.

Shotgun Wedding turns into an action film when mercenaries crash the couple’s impending nuptials and threaten the lives of the opinionated families attending the wedding.

Coolidge, who plays Darcy’s future mother-in-law, arms herself with a machine gun at one point in the trailer and looks prepared to do whatever it takes to protect the family, come hell or high water.

And that is the moment that has the internet completely obsessed.

You might feel the same after watching the trailer, below.

Shotgun Wedding – Official Trailer | Prime VideoYoutube

The trailer instantly went viral.

JLo–the movie’s leading lady–had absolutely nothing to do with it.

People were down with JCo instead.

While we don’t know the exact context of the situation here nor do we endorse any form of gun violence, it’s hard not to root for Jennifer Coolidge going all Rambo while clad in a flowery gown and elegant sun hat to save the day.

Looks like it’s going to be an explosive wedding.

Fans are already looking to help expand her already expansive resume.

Shotgun Wedding is directed by Jason Moore and written by Mark Hammer.

The main cast is supported by co-stars Lenny Kravitz, Cheech Marin, D’Arcy Carden, Selena Tan, Desmin Borges, Alex Mallari Jr., Callie Hernandez and Steve Coulter.

So, do we expect the movie to be a mega-blockbuster hit?


Will it go down in history as the best film to come out of 2023?

Not even close.

Would we stream it anyway, just for Jennifer Coolidge?

Absolutely, duh.

Save the date for January 27, 2023 when Shotgun Wedding streams on Amazon Prime Video.


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